Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Year of Eleven

Happy New Year! I love this time of year and although I haven't had an epic New Year's Eve in years (I know it's sad), I still look forward to it every year. Sparkly dresses, the world celebrating and the "resolutions" and new beginnings that come with it. 

2010 was a completely crazy year for me, I moved to New York City all on my own, barely knowing anyone. Looking back at this time last year and I can barely keep my stomach from turning as I feel the anxious feeling I felt then, to leave my friends and family and move cross the country. Crazy. After an internship that felt more like a crash course in fashion PR, I was hired at a beauty PR firm. It turned out to be completely toxic environment and I was left feeling very unhappy and back on the job search. 

Amazingly, I was hired by another PR agency in the city a few weeks before Christmas and start tomorrow. I really can't think of a better way to start the new year, I couldn't be more excited to start this year and leave 2010 behind me. Here are a few things (maybe I got a little carried away) that I plan on accomplishing/ doing this year. 

1. Join a gym, a nice one where I'm not scared of catching something if I touch the weights
2. Get myself back into shape (I know it's cliche but unfortunately it's necessary) 
3. Throw myself into my new job
4. Balance my work and social life
5. Act my age (not 5-10 years older)
6. Sleep in on the weekends
7. Go to yoga (something I used to do religiously)
8. Save money
9. Only buy clothes/ shoes that I absolutely love 
10. Be a great friend, sister and daughter
11. Blog more, not everyday, not even every week, just when I feel really inspired
12. Date more
13. Possibly even have some sort of relationship with a man
14. Wear heels more often 
15. Read more books (not just magazines) 
16. Take advantage of everything my city has to offer
18. Become a better writer by writing more often 


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