Monday, January 17, 2011

Lily Donaldson for Harpers Bazaar US

The times when models frequently graced the covers of magazines has been gone for quite some time (since about the time I was in diapers), but I SO wish that would change. Celebrities are overexposed as it is and constantly seeing them on every cover of every magazine gets old in my opinion. Unfortunately, in a time when magazines are lucky to be alive, celebrities sell magazines and that's the bottom line. Boo.

That's why when I saw the January cover of Harper's Bazaar with a model (shocker!) on the cover and shot by Terry Richardson, I felt a wave of sheer delight. It's really stunning and the spread inside is even better. The clothes, the adorable animals, the genius of the oh-so-creepy Terry Richards and the multiple shots of Lily smiling. Perfection in my eyes, bravo Harper's Bazaar and Julia Von Boehm for making it happen.

 I love everything about this shot. 



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