Saturday, January 23, 2010

Braided Girls

I've been growing my hair out for what seems like forever now and I love braiding it in various ways. These messy side braids on Alexander Wang's runway models are amazing. These braids were weaved in by Guido and supposedly very heavy but if your lucky enough to already have super long hair this style is a must for spring! Very feminine and playful.


Happy Saturday! Xoxo

Monday, January 18, 2010

Yummy Treats

Today I took a walk through the city with a friend to Central Park and stopped in Dean & Deluca on the way just to browse around, which is really all I can afford to do in that place. I feel like I'll have made it when I can walk in there and buy whatever goodies I want! For now these are some yummy pics that I took on my iPhone. I hope you had a great day, hopefully not at work and enjoying the holiday!



Sunday, January 17, 2010

Uptown Girl

As I've just moved to the city...wouldn't it be nice to live a luxe life like Diane in these stunning photos? It doesn't hurt to dream. I love her and I loved this spread from a few months back that was supposed to embody the very chic Upper East Side housewife.


I hope you have a wonderful Sunday! Xoxo

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Welcome to My World

(photo by LeDam's)

I feel like this first blog post is the most difficult. How do I introduce myself into this crazy, cool and huge world of blogging? Well here it goes...

Hello, my name is Ty and in the effort to live a life far from average and ordinary i have picked up my life in Colorado and moved to New York City. I am here to pursue a career in fashion public relations after receiving my degree last month. Right now I am working as an intern at an awesome fashion PR agency in the city, I love it!

This blog will pose as my personal and very public diary where I can share my experiences, inspirations and loves.  I hope you enjoy my blog which will encompass my little findings and thoughts that I will share as much as I can. I have been following various fashion and style blogs for awhile now and I have been planning my own for some time and I am so excited to get it officially started!